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Defamation occurs when a malicious or false statement is communicated to an individual or party which can damage their reputation or character. A person who defames another is often referred to as a defamer, libeler or a slanderer.

Defamers usually attack:

  • Character of an individual or group;
  • Business;
  • Product or service;
  • The Government;
  • Religion or belief; or
  • Countries.

Under UK law, in order for Defamation to be actionable or to be filed as a claim, the statement of harm must be proven to be a false statement and must have been directed towards more than one individual other than the person defamed. Defamation comes in two forms: slander and libel. Slander is often referred to as spoken defamation and libel is defamation in the form of written publications.

Depending on international jurisdictions, defamation is treated as a criminal offence instead of a civil wrong. This equates to criminal penalties handed out to defamers in certain countries. However, this is dependent on facts of the case.

At Bloomsbury Law, we have a significant and wide experience of defamation cases. We have acted on behalf of many high profile clients and businesses which seek to claim damages from defamers. Every case we are instructed on present a unique and complex issue in their own right. It is vital to seek professional and specialist advice due to the consequences of making wrong decisions in the early stages of a claim as your actions can have catastrophic legal consequences.

We understand defamation can be a frustrating and stressful time, but please note it is of the upmost importance to contact a defamation lawyer to receive expert advice – so that if the case does result in a court hearing, no surprise obstacles will hinder the case.

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