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Employee Reference Defamation

Employee reference defamation is when an employer or former employer have made incorrect statements about your performance at work. You may be entitled to a make a legal claim and take the employer to Court. If you are successful, you will be compensated for any financial loss incurred and emotional distress. Proving a defamation claim can be a complicated and tricky process so it is imperative you speak to a defamation solicitor. If you have a strong case for defamation, it may be worth pursuing the legal route as the winning party are awarded punitive damages to deter the employer from repeating the untrue statement(s).

When it comes to employee references, defamation claims are most common when a working relationship ends and a former employee requests a reference. When a company provides a false statement with intent to harm the reputation of an employee by making claims such as their job performance was not adequate or the employee caused damage to the company, this can reduce the chances of an employee securing a new job. An employer can provide false statements on a multitude of reasons such as the employee was dismissed or questioning the employees attitude and work performance.

If you suspect your former employer may have committed malicious defamation with intent, then you should call our defamation team and we will advise you accordingly to see if you have a claim worth pursuing. We must reiterate claims are difficult to win due to the confidentiality of a private discussion behind closed doors when the defamatory statement is usually made.

At Bloomsbury Law, we have significant and wide experience of employee reference defamation cases. We have helped many individuals which seek to claim damages from employee reference defamation. We work very closely with our employment department. Every case we are instructed on present a unique and complex issue in their own right. It is vital to seek professional and specialist advice due to the consequences of making wrong decisions in the early stages of a claim as your actions can have adverse legal consequences.

What do I do next?

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