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Do smart motorway speed cameras enforce the 70 limit as well?

I deal with speed offences in court on an almost daily basis, unfortunately many clients only come to see me after they are on 9 points and have more coming, ( I try not to be offended by this! and publish this to try and reduce the number of people who need to come and see me!) There are two systems of speed cameras commonly seen on “smart motorways” the new style lacking a hard shoulder. The first system is commonly used in roadworks to bring speeds down while the work is carried out. It is called SPECS, it is an AVERAGE speed system. Myth buster: “the system can’t catch you if you change lanes between cameras” wrong! the detectors read your number plate into an anpr system and a computer calculates your speed between detectors that are paired together. It may be the first and third detectors in a sequence that are paired, not in the order you drive under them. These normally have a detector for each lane on a large curved post painted yellow.

The second system has been getting a bit a bad press, it is called HADECS and has been christened the Stealth system because the unit is mounted on the gantry post at the side of the motorway and often can’t be seen until you have passed it. The system is often linked to the variable speed limits. The system has overcome the previous unreliability of radar systems by operating a dual system which cross checks itself, it covers as many as 5 lanes.The system also records what limit is showing on the signage at the time of detection. At least one police area give you a minute of signs of a speed limit before enforcing to stop the “it must have changed as I went under it” Myth buster: “the system only works when the temporary speed limit is in place” wrong, whilst I can’t comment about all the systems there are definitely systems that are enforcing the 70 limit as well as the variable limit.

Both systems have done away for the need for a roll of film (for those old enough to remember when cameras had this!) and are therefore live all the time sending the information electronically.

If you are at risk of losing your licence drive at the speed limit! or you may need to speak to me!

Article written by Ian Jackson – Solicitor

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