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Parental Leave

Parental Leave Entitlement is 18 weeks of unpaid leave per child under 18 years of age. This form of leave is granted to help parents spend more time with their kids and perhaps settle them into their new school or help them prepare. There are a number of reasons for this type of leave and it is absolutely clear that parents need to be fully aware of their Parental Leave Rights.

In order for the parent to qualify, they must be employed by their current employer for 1 year. Employers should be given 21 days’ notice. In most cases, Parental Leave takes place in one week blocks. Exceptions to this are when the child is disabled. A week is typically the amount of days you would work in a given week. For example, if you worked 2 days a week, then your week would be 2 days. You can carry parental leave on from previous jobs because Statutory Parental Leave is per parent and not per job. While on Parental Leave, you are still employed and therefore your employment contract terms and conditions still apply.

At Bloomsbury Law, we appreciate that your time as a parent is precious and you have a very important role. This is why it is essential for you to be fully informed on all the rights you may or may not chose to exercise in order to use your time wisely.

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