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Religious Discrimination

Religious Discrimination in the workplace is protected against by the Equality Act 2010. Religious Discrimination is when someone is discriminated against because of their religious, non-religious, or philosophical belief. This can be both direct and indirect. Direct discrimination is when the individual is directly targeted. For example, dismissing an employee from work because he/she is a Scientologist would be illegal. Indirect Discrimination is when a policy or rule is set in place which specifically disadvantages individuals of certain religions. For example, enforcing a short and groomed haircut as a part of the dress code would specifically disadvantage a Sikh man who does not cut his hair. This would also be illegal.

If you feel you have been disadvantaged by a particular policy, or directly discriminated against, it is important to seek legal advice. Religious Discrimination is a very serious matter and can be very discouraging. At Bloomsbury Law, we understand this is not an easy time. We encourage you to take a few steps prior to your Claim to the Courts or Tribunal which will help the success of your claim. Firstly, it is important to try and speak to your employer to make sure they are aware of how you feel. If they do not take any significant action to help, you should make a formal grievance complaint by letter. If both options are exhausted and there has been no satisfactory progress, then a formal claim needs to be made. We will help you through each process to ensure clarity and swift progress. We appreciate you already have a lot on your mind so we will use our expert knowledge to best serve your needs and come to a satisfactory outcome once we are instructed.

What do I do next?

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