Post Nuptial Agreement

A Pre-nuptial Agreement is an agreement entered into by a couple before their marriage or civil partnership which outlines what should happen in the event that the marriage or civil partnership breaks down.

Many couples do not consider a Pre-nuptial Agreement because it seems unromantic or awkward to discuss, but these days where many marry more than once, and often later in life after acquiring property or becoming financially independent, a Pre-nuptial Agreement can be the most sensible agreement to have. Having taken this precaution, the parties are in our experience more likely to remain on good terms following a separation or divorce.

Pre-nuptial Agreements are currently not legally binding in England and Wales within divorce or dissolution proceedings but they are taken into account by the Courts when considering a financial settlement. A Pre-nuptial Agreement can also make provision for children.

A Post-nuptial Agreement is an agreement reached after the marriage or civil partnership. A Pre-nuptial Agreement is sometimes converted into a Post-nuptial Agreement after the marriage or civil partnership takes place.

We can also prepare a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement for you.

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