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Asylum Application

Our specialist team at Bloomsbury Law has dealt with a number of complex cases on Asylum and Human Rights. We understand that there is an inevitable level of worry during these applications which is why we will always work closely with you to address your concerns throughout the process in order to assure you of the best possible outcome.

Asylum and Human Rights Applications for People in Need of International Protection and Family Reunion Applications

Individuals who have been forced to flee their country of residence due to of persecution can seek protection from the UK Government. Successful Asylum Applications mean that the applicant will be recognized as a refugee or offered humanitarian protection. This status means that the UK Government would be in breach of their International Human Rights obligations if the applicant was not granted protection. In cases where the United Kingdom Border Agency does not make a final decision within 12 months, the applicant can seek working permission. A successful application can result in a time limited permission to remain in the UK and the right to work.

Our specialists have the knowledge and experience needed to deal with these extremely complex cases, and we always advise our clients to seek legal advice as early as possible in the process.

Human Rights

The implementation of The Human Rights Act of 1998 in October 2000 states that any decision made in respect of an individual’s right to enter or remain in the UK, must be in conjunction with the European Convention of Human Rights. It also means that a decision to refuse permission to enter or remain can always be appealed on the basis that this decision is in breach of Human Rights.

What do I do next?

Contact us online or speak to one of our dedicated specialists on 0207 998 7777 for a free initial consultation. With our vast experience in the field, our bilingual speaking team will work with you to ensure this process runs as smooth as possible. All information you provide us with is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We will contact you no later than the next working day to arrange a meeting at our offices in London W1 to advise on the agreement.

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