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Dependant Visa UK

A dependant visa can be granted to those whom are a dependant of someone who holds a permanent residency in the UK. This is most common for family members and married or unmarried couples. This visa is important as it provides the opportunity for those individuals to be reunited despite nationality. There are several different scenarios for dependants and the applicant must first be able to identify their sponsor’s immigration status to know what type of information they will need to provide to make a successful application.

In order to become a dependant in the UK, Applicants must meet the rules and regulations necessary to not only qualify as a dependant, but also to be able to financially support themselves in the UK. It is crucial to be aware of the type of visa your sponsor holds (if any) in order to ascertain what threshold of proof you need to provide as a dependant. For example, unmarried couples need to be able to prove that they have been in relationship for at least two years. Therefore, different documents are needed depending on your sponsor’s current immigration status. Proof of funds can also affect your sponsor’s residency. For example, students should be aware of whether their scholarship covers the potential proof of funds for their family dependants. In all cases, the dependant needs to be aware of whether their sponsor is able and willing to financially support them. It is also worth noting that this means supporting someone’s lifestyle and housing, and not only their application.

Successful applicants will be provided with a 5 year Dependant Visa which may be extended to naturalisation. This offers dependants the freedom to live and work in the UK. If you are thinking of applying for a Dependant Visa UK it is crucial to seek legal advice as this is a complex matter which can directly affect any future applications in the UK.

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