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Flexible Fee-Earning Programme

  • Are you finding running your own practice is not as profitable as you first thought?
  • Are finding clients too strenuous and gives you little time to practice law?
  • Are you finding the strict Law Society rules too onerous and time consuming?

You may be considering becoming a sole practitioner or setting up a law practice. With our flexible fee-earning programme, we offer you greater flexibility and control over clients without the endless time consuming and expensive disadvantages associated with running your own business.

As an expanding and innovative law firm, we recognise the importance of both attracting and retaining the very best legal talent. For this reason, we have refined a flexible fee-earning programme for all our solicitors to take advantage of.

The office environment is constantly evolving and has changed for many businesses (including law firms) with the advancement of technology and remote communication networks allowing for businesses to operate from anywhere. At Bloomsbury Law, we heavily invest into new and innovative technology that will cater to all your needs especially those who have decided to work on our flexible fee-earning programme.

We understand lifestyles in the 21st Century are demanding and fast paced, especially for those who run their own practice or have families to look after. Our fee-earning programme is designed to fit around your lifestyle, earning you competitive rates of return on both the work you undertake and the work you generate from the firm’s clients. Your working life can be as flexible as you so desire.

We offer state of the art IT and Telecommunications integration, featuring the best software available on the market.

Our full service offering includes the following:

  • Professional indemnity insurance cover;
  • Full accounting and revenue control;
  • Risk and compliance support;
  • Tailored marketing strategies;
  • Secretarial and administrative support;
  • Advanced IT including digital dictation, telephony and e-mail;
  • CPD training along with additional courses tailored to your needs; and
  • A friendly and supportive environment.

As a cutting edge modern firm based in the heart of the West End, we offer the necessary support and flexibility that you may require to service your clients. We are not a virtual law firm, we have implemented a tailored business structure and have set foundations to expand the core of the firm which continues to thrive.

Working within our flexible fee-earning programme, you are benefiting from the advantages of a modern traditional law firm whilst being liberated from the administrative and management burden usually associated with senior fee-earners. You are in full control of your clients and the relationship you build with them. As a law firm we work on developing and enhancing your skills to increase your client base and earning potential. Your working life can be as flexible as you wish and the only targets are your own aspirations.

Flexibility goes beyond location, remuneration and working hours. If you decide in the future that you wish to become part of the management of the firm, the door to partnership is always an option. Our aim is to offer flexible choices in every aspect of your working life.

If you would like further information or to schedule an informal discussion please email us at info@bloomsbury-law.com.