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Protection From Domestic Abuse

Someone who is suffering from domestic abuse can apply for a civil injunction which is a court order requiring someone to do or not to do something. The two main types available are non-molestation and occupation orders. A non-molestation order prevents a partner or ex-partner from using or threatening violence, intimidation, harassment or pestering. An occupation order can restrict a partne...

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Mediation Session Before Divorce

Due to recent changes in family law, anyone intending to make a Court application must first attend a mediation session with a suitably accredited mediator. The other party will be invited to attend the meeting and if the meeting is unsuccessful, a Court application may then be issued. Even in the event of the other party not turning up to the mediation session, the mediator will deem the meeti...

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Cohabitation Agreements

More couples than ever are now choosing to live together and remain unmarried. Reasons vary although the high cost of a wedding and the desire to purchase a property before spending thousands of pounds on a wedding are among common reasons why people are choosing not to tie the knot. Cohabiting couples do not have the same rights as married couples upon separation and when a co-habiting rel...

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Social Media And Divorce

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are being increasingly referred to in divorce petitions with many people admitting to browsing their partner’s social media accounts and subsequently admitting that this has led to frequent arguments about who their partner has been communicating with. Many partners are looking for evidence of infidelity such as the sending of secret me...

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