Inheritance Tax Relief For Parents Only

Andrea Leadsom recently withdrew from the tory leadership race following the hysteria surrounding an interview she gave to the Times. The hysteria centred on the fact that Mrs Leadsom has children and her opponent in the race, Theresa May, does not.

Strong opinion was voiced from some conservatives who perceived that Mrs Leadsom was unfairly discriminating against Mrs May (who wanted to have children) by talking about her own children within the context of the leadership race.

This leads to a simple question.

How do these same conservatives view the Residence Nil Rate Band? This was the new Inheritance tax allowance introduced by the conservatives after they were elected to government.

It comes into force in April next year and is worth up to £175,000 per person by 2020/21.

The allowance is only available to people with children.

Unlike Mrs Leadsom, intention is not in question.

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