Marketing Principles For 2017

Many law firms don’t get new clients becuase they do not have the correct business development activites, content and marketing techniques. With the New Year right around the corner, why not try something new? Here are five key principles that should be applied to your marketing strategy for 2017, whether you’re a small law firm or a large company.

1: Content – You always hear about content but very few businesses actually understand the importance of content. Writing fresh and unique content is key to getting noticed, however I am not suggesting creating content just for the sake of creating content or achieving higher rankings. For example, all our pieces of content has an end benefit to the reader, and once we write an article we try to syndicate it to as many people as possible. As a business, if you are not creating evergreen, unique and fresh content in 2017 you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy as content feeds into all aspects of digital and offline media.

2: Look at data – Love it or hate it, data is a great way to see what marketing channels are working especially for certain digital properties, however, data can be difficult to collect via offline media (print and publications). A great way to track which adverts are working offline is to change the extension number on the print advert or create a separate landing page which can give a more accurate reflection on which call to actions are working. Once you have a good amount of data you can cross reference this with last year’s activity and monitor the changes you have implemented.

3: Cut loose dead weight – Dropping marketing channels in favour of others can be very difficult for law firms, especially more traditional firms that have been using certain marketing channels for years. This is where data can be a useful aide in helping you create an argument to your boss who doesn’t understand why you are dropping particular channels that have been successful in the past, but more recently have not been generating any business. Cut loose sentiment when creating your marketing strategies for data driven more logical channels that will benefit your firm or business.

4: Continue successful techniques – Once all the channels which have not been converting are eliminated from your strategy, it’s time to concentrate your efforts on the avenues that do convert. The extra marketing budget should be utilised and spent on channels that have strong data support. Don’t be afraid to test and make slight changes to your marketing campaigns and techniques, especially when you have extra budget to work with. Sometimes testing and optimisation of campaigns could be the difference between getting one session or a hundred sessions on your site.

5: Try something new – He who dares, wins. Be bold and try something that hasn’t been done before and make sure you track and analyse performance. Sometimes going against the grain isn’t a bad idea and who knows, a breakthrough idea might be all it takes to launch a viral campaign and change the face of your business.

These five principles are extremely important and should be considered when creating your marketing plan for 2017. For a sector such as law, the competitiveness is tough but by adapting a marketing plan that is bold and fresh which could also challenge some of the more traditional marketing techniques used by other law firms can make you stand out in an overcrowded environment.

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