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Rhinoplasty Claims

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, is an incredibly difficult surgery. Whether you are undergoing surgery to fix your nasal passage, or aesthetically enhancing your facial appearance, the risks you take by going through surgery are the same. It is important that your doctor explains the risks in full and provides you with enough time to fully consider those risks before undertaking the surgery.

Successful surgery claims require that the doctor failed to provide you with a satisfactory duty of care and was therefore, negligent. Although there may be inherent risks which you waived prior to undertaking the surgery, there is also a duty of care to best protect you against those risks. This means that if the standard doctor would have been able to prevent those risks, then your doctor may be liable if he or she negligently surpassed the safety precautions to prevent those risks.

After rhinoplasty, your nose will be swollen so it is important to wait the time recommended by the doctor before judging the outcome of the surgery. It is important to remember that successful claims are those where the doctor was negligent, and not those where the patient was simply not happy with the ultimate outcome.

At Bloomsbury Law, we appreciate that cosmetic procedures are both very physically and emotionally sensitive. If you feel like you may have a nose job claim, then it is important to seek legal advice straight away. Like most areas in personal injury, there is limited amount of time in which you are able to make a claim for compensation. If you are looking to make a claim, please get in contact with one of our specialists. We will answer any enquiries you may have and address them accordingly. It is our pleasure to provide you with a bespoke service which we will customise our advice to suit your particular needs.

What do I do next?

Contact us online or speak to one of our dedicated personal injury solicitors on 0207 998 7777 for a free initial consultation. With our vast experience in the field, our team will work with you to ensure this process runs as smooth as possible. All information you provide us with is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We will contact you no later than the next working day to arrange a meeting at our offices in London W1 to advise on the agreement.

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